Dogs who have been used in ‘scientific’ research. The dogs are obviously distressed by their injuries, with one having been given a collar so as not to lick its wounds. Use of anaesthesia is infrequent and hard to regulate. Dogs, cats and non-human primates together account for only 1% of animals used in US research per year, however the amount of dogs alone is around 65,000 (2011 - down from 200,000 in 1979, but the numbers being made up for with mice, so not an improvement). What’s more frightening is that this is only the US. Rats, mice, birds and fish are not covered by the Animal Welfare Act, so are not included in ‘official statistics’ - the US government would have us believe only 1.1 million animals are used in experiments each year. It is more like 25,000,000. This is only in the USA.

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